Reggie created and hosts The Futbol Weekly Podcast alongside Joe, Logan & Fred.  He created the podcast in 2014 feeling the need for people to hear his views on all soccer topics and rumours.  It was started as an Arsenal show but quickly morphed into a world futbol show.  Just like Joe, Logan, & Fred,  Reggie has played at high levels throughout his long career and is looking to get more involved in the coaching aspect of the beautiful game.  A Gooner for life (The Arsenal), a  supporter of the Ghana national Football team and the Toronto FC .  Currently, Reggie can be found playing way too many soccer games every week. 





Joe is the first and original co-host of The Futbol Weekly Podcast. He brings a wealth of knowledge and tactical insight through his many years of playing and coaching at the highest levels in Canada. His quick wit and overall sports knowledge makes Joey Stats a key contributer to the Futbol Weekly Podcast. A diehard Rossoneri (AC Milan) fan as well as a supporter of the Italian national team and the Toronto FC. (Oh well 1 outta 3 ain’t bad!!!) Currently Joe is a coach with the Vaughan Soccer Club here in the the Toronto area.




Liverpool Logan joined the Futbol Weekly Podcast in 2018 and has been a valued contributer ever since. His love for everything Liverpool and England has made him a fan favourite among the anti Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, and other so called “BIG” teams in London.  A life long Scouser and the actual third lion, his passion and futbol knowledge past and present, has made him an invaluable member of the Futbol Weekly Podcast family



Frederick joined the Futbol Weekly Podcast in 2018 as the second biggest Gooner on the show.  His playing and coaching at high levels makes Frederick a major contributor the podcast.  His controversial views, meticulous research and accurate futbol knowledge will be a welcome voice for the show.